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Introducing Email Broadcasting & Email Campaign
The initial use of email was for keeping in touch with your friends in universities & higher education institutions. Soon after that, EMAIL evolved to become one of the most important medium for communication in this day and age. It is also a channel to provide value added services.

Email broadcasting is the delivery of information to individuals and businesses via the Internet and SMTP gateways. WebEMAIL2u Broadcasting is one of the most economical method of sending information to direct your clients, prospects, employees, or members' email accounts in an instantaneous time frame.

Email Campaign gives you the ability to run campaigns via the Email medium. This allows you to send periodic newsletters or special promotions to recipients at a click of a button. A targetted user can now receive updates via his/her email account and communicate with you instead of having to be seated infront land line. unleashes the unlimited potential in leveraging on such a simple and advanced technology for governments, corporations, SOHO, SMI and for individual data users.

Create and manage highly targeted mailing campaigns
Mailing list builder, newsletter editor, subscription forms, autoresponders, tracking, reports and more. All in one place!

Customization and Personalization!
Send personalized and customized emails to all recipients, groups or to custom mix of mailing groups.

Custom fields.
Create multiple custom fields and use them in the newsletter body, mailing lists and subscription forms.

Advanced tracking and reports
Track mailing campaigns, click-throughs, and get detailed mailing reports.

WebEMAIL2u E-Management & Reporting has management capabilities that make you more efficient. Online log files are kept for your perusal at an immediate or later date that will allow you to check on what messages you have sent thus improving your marketing or message dissemination capabilities.


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