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Did you know ? ...that you don't have to waste hours designing, composing and sending out Email through your Email Client when you can do so with our system with just a click of a button?

Don't waste time and money anymore! Sign Up for an account today!

Did you also know ...that with a individual is more likely to respond to your notices when you provide them with constant reminders? This is achievable by using Auto-Responders to send out scheduled messages to people who subscribe to your newsletters. Get your high return and conversion rate that you have been looking for!

Why WebEMAIL2u?
WebEMAIL2u provides total worldwide email coverage which means your emails will reach both local and international email recipients.
WebEMAIL2u offers you one of the lowest priced Email Broadcasting & Campaigning service in Asia, America & Canada. Online cost control. NO agreement needed. NO setup fees. NO other hidden cost.
You have the possibility of creating, editing and deleting your contacts. All you need for simple and effective Email messaging.
WebEMAIL2u provides unlimited grouping list functionality which allows you to send one Email Newsletter / Notification to many with just one click.
We fully support over 50 main world languages. These include European, Asian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.
WebEMAIL2u gives you full control over your sent (outbound), delivered & undelivered messages.
With WebEMAIL2u, you are able to track how effective a single newsletter is by looking at the click-through rates (how many times a link has been clicked) and idenfity which users have clicked on the links.
Our clients are offered full support, advice and help in order to satisfy all their needs.

WebEMAIL2u Feature Packed Service
At, we understand the technology of sms communications. Our servers and in-house developed SMS Application Software are designed to let you get your Short Messages out faster, easier and more completely, every time.

Our Web Interface's features include:

  • Create and manage highly targeted mailing campaigns - Mailing list builder, newsletter editor, subscription forms, autoresponders, tracking, reports and more. All in one place!
  • Web Interface with personalised Login and Password
  • HTML Email Composer & Built-in Templates
  • Schedule Deliveries
  • Real-Time Statistics & Reports
  • Advanced tracking and report - Track mailing campaigns, click-throughs, and get detailed mailing reports.
  • Multiple Newsletters, Campaigns & Subscriber Lists
  • Contact list uploading & maintenance
  • Easy Importing of Email Addresses from CSV file
  • Easy Export of data to CSV file
  • Customization and Personalization! - Send personalized and customized emails to all recipients, groups or to custom mix of mailing groups.
  • Ability to include customisable fields - Create multiple custom fields and use them in the newsletter body, mailing lists and subscription forms
  • Subscribe & Unsubscribe links to auto-update your mailing list
  • Automatic bounced emails - The system will automatically move bounced email addresses to a special folder. You can make these emails active again or delete at any time.
  • Advanced autoresponder - Create a series of unlimited follow-up autoresponder tasks. Choose basic, multiple or mailing campaign autoresponders. Choose a start point: any date/time or deliver emails once a user joins your mailing list.
  • Full support of huge mailing lists - We tested our software successfully with 300,000+ mailing lists.
  • SMTP Server Customisation (able to use your own SMTP Servers)
  • Full Global coverage
  • Single & Mass broadcast function
  • 24/7 send whenever you wish with 99.9% uptime

WebEMAIL2u System Requirements
What equipment do you need in order to use the service?

  • Personal Computer (PC) - Desktop or Notebook (IBM Compatible or Apple Mac)
  • Internet Connectivity (Dial-Up, Broadband, ADSL / DLS, Wireless)
  • Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc)
  • No software installation required
  • Optional Softwares: Microsoft Excel or Notepad to compile Contact List
Basically any PC with Internet Surfing Capabilities will be able to use our Service.

WebEMAIL2u Service & Software Upgrade

  • Free software & interface upgrade for all clients subscribed to our services
  • Web Application & Interface is always up-to-date
  • Patches and Upgrades are periodically installed and implemented
  • Automatic upgrades are performed on our servers
  • No downloading or upgrading exercises necessary
  • Save on forgone IT Support Staffing costs

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